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With One Spirit

With One Spirit

The Roman Missal and Active Participation
Jozef Lamberts

ISBN: 9780814665565, 6556
Details: 200 pgs, 6 x 9 x 1/2
Publication Date: 10/15/2020


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2021 Catholic Media Association Award first place award in liturgy

Commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the promulgation of The Roman Missal (1970), With One Spirit embarks on a significant investigation into the history of this text and the principles that impacted its development. In particular, Lamberts examines whether and how The Roman Missal encourages the active participation of the faithful in the liturgy demanded by the Second Vatican Council. Considering this pastoral and theological context, With One Spirit offers a commentary of the possibilities and limitations of the Missal's encouragement of active participation, and formulates suggestions and improvements to realize true communal Eucharistic celebrations.

Emeritus Professor Dr. Jozef Lamberts taught sacramentology and liturgical studies at the Catholic University Leuven (Belgium). His research area includes the Christian sacraments of initiation and the history of the liturgical movement. He is the honorary editor of the journal Questions Liturgiques / Studies in Liturgy.

Over the years much ink has been spilled over the interpretation of the term participatio actuosa. This book looks at the term critically within the context of Vatican II, most especially the Constitution on the Divine Liturgy. Prescinding from the stated aim of the Council that all the baptized have the right and duty to participate fully, consciously and actively in the liturgy, the author moves to the central point that the liturgy is an ecclesial event—a matter for the entire Church. The second part of the book gives good practical examples how this is achieved in the Eucharistic liturgy according to the Roman Missal. He reminds the reader that full, conscious and active participation is still one of the primary and enduring goals of the reformed liturgy envisaged by Vatican II.
Michael S. Driscoll, Professor emeritus of liturgy and sacramental theology, University of Notre Dame

“Full, active and conscious participation in the liturgy has long been the validating criteria of the reformed liturgy. Lambert's use of this lens to explore what the Church has done and what it has not done since the revision of the Roman Missal is a valuable pastoral tool for parish liturgists to review and re-envision their celebration of the liturgy. This book should be on the agenda of every liturgical minister.”
Catholic Media Association