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Turn to the Lord

Turn to the Lord

Forming Disciples for Lifelong Conversion
Leonard J. DeLorenzo

ISBN: 9780814665640, 6564
Details: 296 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 08/15/2021


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God calls each of us to a life of goodness. Our yearnings to become more like God invite us to lifelong practices of conversion. The sacrament of confirmation is a pivotal moment anchoring a Catholic's commitment to God.

But, do our current sacramental preparation programs really inspire candidates to turn toward the Lord? Leonard J. DeLorenzo demonstrates how preparation for confirmation can be a life-giving experience for candidates and those who accompany them. Candidates, sponsors, and parents will together foster a holistic formation of mind, heart, hands, and habits needed for transformation into a source of goodness in the world.

This book is ideal for use by RCIA sponsors and candidates, as well as parents and sponsors of younger confirmation students. Parents and sponsors will be empowered to be primary formators for the candidate in their life, as they will benefit from discovering more about God as a source of goodness and see how to convey God's message to Confirmation candidates.

Leonard J. DeLorenzo, PhD, directs strategic planning for the McGrath Institute for Church Life, where he also directs the Sullivan Family Saints Initiative, with a concurrent teaching appointment in the Department of Theology. Leonard is the author of four books: A God Who Questions (OSV, 2019), What Matters Most: Empowering Young Catholics for Life's Big Decisions (Ave Maria, 2018), Work of Love: A Theological Reconstruction of the Communion of Saints (UND Press, 2017), and Witness: Learning to Tell the Stories of Grace that Illumine Our Lives (Ave Maria, 2016). He is also the co-editor of two other books: Dante, Mercy, and the Beauty of the Human Person (Cascade, 2018) and I Call You Friends: John Cavadini and the Vision for Catholic Leadership in Higher Education (Pickwick, 2019).

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Leonard DeLorenzo’s new book Turn to the Lord, is an encounter with the Body of Christ! I have often found myself to be without words when trying to explain the fullness of the Catholic faith. Describing beliefs or practices by themselves feel like scattering puzzle pieces. This book will be appreciated by catechists, youth ministers, parents, and anyone who loves the faith and longs to share it. By describing the themes of faith, DeLorenzo paints the big picture of what it means to be Catholic, and to be loved by our generous God.
Tom East, Director of the Center for Ministry Development and Project Coordinator for the Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies Program

Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo’s book articulates a comprehensive approach to faith formation. From exhaustive catechetical content to real life conversational quips, this book is a delight. DeLorenzo possesses a quality of simple explanation of deep ideas found in C.S. Lewis and N.T. Wright. The book reads like an inspiring essay but sticks with you like an excellent keynote speech. It will become a tool on the shelf of anyone in faith formation and a gift for all who pursue a deeper understanding of Catholicism. Doug Tooke Vice President of Mission, ODB Films
Doug Tooke, Vice President of Mission, ODB Films

The Catholic faith, and the person of Jesus Christ who reveals it, is ever new and has the power to fascinate the mind as it sets a heart on fire with excitement about the promise of a life greater than we can imagine. De Lorenzo brings to life the striking beauty of the story of Jesus Christ and offers a method that empowers catechists to share this life-changing truth with young people. This book, firmly based in the principles of the new Directory of Catechesis, has the power to transform an ordinary confirmation program into a life-changing experience, because it helps the catechist become a witness to the transforming power of the Gospel.
The Most Reverend Andrew H. Cozzens, STD, DD, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis

The truth and beauty of Catholicism are best imparted not by a textbook but by a living witness. Lenny DeLorenzo offers in this beautiful book a reorientation of the way we think about and implement catechesis and faith formation. This book is a game-changer both in its unique, coherent presentation of the faith and in its provocative and compelling approach to forming others in the faith. This is a book that should be in the hands of every parent, pastor, catechist, and teacher.
Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend