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Come to the Light

Come to the Light

Reflections on the Gospel of John
Brendan Byrne, SJ

ISBN: 9780814666234, 6623
Details: 137 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 07/15/2021


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These profound and inspiring reflections on the Gospel of John will open to preachers, religious, and parish groups interested in Scripture, the treasures that the Fourth Gospel contains for the life of the world.

Brendan Byrne draws on the insights in Life Abounding, his academic commentary on the Fourth Gospel, to enrich the understanding of non-scholars in Come to the Light. Discussion questions provided at the end of each talk serve as a starting point for the reader’s personal contemplation.

Brendan Byrne, SJ, is a professor of New Testament at Jesuit Theological College, within the United Faculty of Theology, Parkville, Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of Romans (1996) from the Sacra Pagina series, Galatians and Romans (2010), A Costly Freedom: A Theological Reading of Mark's Gospel (2008), Lifting the Burden: Reading Matthew's Gospel in the Church Today (2004), and Life Abounding: A Reading of John's Gospel (2014), published by Liturgical Press.

Many people are drawn to the Gospel of John for its rich symbolism, its characters and the rather extended discussions Jesus has with these characters, such as Nicodemus, the Woman of Samaria, and the man born blind. This volume by a renowned biblical scholar, Brendan Byrne, offers spiritual nourishment born of many years of experience in retreat work. In a very readable style, Byrne invites readers to journey through the Gospel and to "overhear" what is being said, and to personally ponder the deep gifts that Jesus offers. The questions at the end of each chapter ask you and me to engage with this ancient text to discover what it can offer in the twenty-first century. I could take this book and make a retreat with little more guidance.
Professor Mary L. Coloe, PBVM, Australian Catholic University

Long recognition of the Gospel of John as the ‘spiritual Gospel’ has tended to make interpretations ‘otherworldly.’ Brendan Byrne’s reflections, based on his long-nourished understanding of the Johannine text, overcome this tendency. This beautiful book, written with a simplicity and directness rare in Johannine studies, shows that the Fourth Gospel can ‘meet disciples where they are.’
Francis J. Moloney, SDB, Senior Professional Fellow, Catholic Theological College, University of Divinity, Victoria, Australia

The reflections on John’s Gospel contained in this book are written with beautiful lucidity and depth. The authorial combination of an eminent New Testament scholar and a Jesuit priest is incomparable, offering incisive commentary on the text alongside engaged reflection, from within the Ignatian tradition, on its profound meaning for the reader. The book is a great gift to the church across denominational divides and different spiritual traditions, enabling a prayerful and transformative reading of the Fourth Gospel.
Revd Professor Dorothy A. Lee, FAHA, Stewart Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity College – The University of Melbourne

Father Brendan Byrne, SJ, is one of those rare scholars with the ability to translate modern biblical scholarship into meaningful, down-to-earth reflections for non-professionals. This book, which grew out of the author’s retreat conferences and his own Jesuit Ignatian spirituality, is a beautiful presentation of the Fourth Gospel for spiritual reflection. A book to savor rather than simply read!
Ronald D. Witherup, PSS, a frequent contributor to Give us This Day, is the author of many books on the Bible, including Paul, Proclaiming Christ Crucified in the Alive in the Word series published by Liturgical Press (2016)