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Isaiah, Part Two

Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM, with Little Rock Scripture Study Staff

Isaiah, Part Two
Isaiah, Part Two

ISBN: 9780814667156, 6715

Publication Date: 01/15/2023
Little Rock Scripture Study

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Following the oracles of destruction that dominate the earlier portion of the book of Isaiah, part 2 of our study covers Isaiah 40–66, emphasizing the majesty of God and the divine plan for Israel’s restoration. Leslie Hoppe’s commentary continues to explore the history, theology, and poetry of this essential prophetic work, making a case that Isaiah is not so much about divine retribution as it is about liberation, deliverance from foes, and a return to God’s loving embrace. Commentary, study and reflection questions, prayers, and access to online lectures are included. 6 lessons.

Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM, is professor emeritus of Old Testament studies at Catholic Theological Union. He is the author of several books on biblical studies and archaeology, including The Holy City: Jerusalem in the Theology of the New Testament, and has served as general editor of The Bible Today and Catholic Biblical Quarterly.