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Liturgical Press

The White Stone

The Art of Letting Go

Esther de Waal

The White Stone
The White Stone

ISBN: 9780814667897, 6789

Details: 120 pgs, 5 x 7 3/4 x 1/4
Publication Date: 12/28/2021
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Esther de Waal is one of today's most beloved spiritual writers. In The White Stone, she reflects on the changes and losses that come with growing older. Esther reflects on solitude and, following a period of illness, saying goodbye to a family home and the Welsh border landscape she had known for decades which inspired some of her greatest writing. In her characteristic style, she sees everything as a portal into a deeper spiritual understanding.

She draws on the wealth of the Christian tradition, especially scripture and the monastic and Celtic spiritualities she knows so well, to help her navigate her way through not only the inevitable sense of loss that accompanies such change, but also to embrace the new possibilities it brings. The white stone of the title refers to a small pebble from the river that ran through her garden that she keeps in her pocket, but also strikes a note of hope referring to the new identity promised by God (Revelation 2.17). This is a book of simple, profound wisdom that will speak to many coping with change in their own lives.

Esther de Waal is a noted scholar and spiritual writer. She was propelled to fame by her book Seeking God, which was published in numerous languages. She now lives in Oxford.

ISBN: 9780814667897, 6789

Details: 120 pgs, 5 x 7 3/4 x 1/4
Publication Date: 12/28/2021


"The White Stone is full of spiritual practices, some quite specific and immediately helpful, not only for letting go, but for embracing what is new."
Spirituality & Practice

"This small, poetic book is about thresholds. It's about letting go of beloved places and arriving in new ones while remaining anchored in the Christian tradition. Esther de Waal offers in this beautiful volume both a memoir of the homes she has loved and a guide to the contemplative life. Grounded in Scripture and liturgy, she focuses on what it means to live mercifully, creating beauty amid the chaos of the world."
The Christian Century

"This little book is about letting go and accepting what is new. Beautifully and simply written, it makes for good spiritual reading at any time of the year."
Spirit & Life

"If you enjoy reminiscing, this is a book for you, one to guide you through a process of healthy remembering and letting go."
Cistercian Studies Quarterly

"The White Stone is an opportunity to reflect on the places of spiritual significance in our lives, in the midst of aging and the devastating losses of these times. Those new to reading Esther de Waal will find the book inviting, and those who are old friends will recognize her voice."

"To me this book represents the fruit of a long commitment to Benedict's Rule in a monastery without walls. One brief review can't do justice to the richness of this book."
Kathleen Norris, American Benedictine Review

"The White Stone is a deeply human and spiritual book that will speak to persons who have coped or are coping with change in their lives. It reveals what it means to journey in great faith over a lifetime that is a continuous process of letting go and embracing what is new."