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Grief on the Road to Emmaus

A Monastic Approach to Journeying with the Bereaved

Beth L. Hewett

Grief on the Road to Emmaus SEE INSIDE
Grief on the Road to Emmaus

ISBN: 9780814668047, 6804

Details: 344 pgs, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 7/8
Publication Date: 03/14/2023
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In Grief on the Road to Emmaus, experienced bereavement author and facilitator Beth Hewett offers help for people interested in walking with those who grieve and supporting their mourning. Using the story of the bereaved disciples walking with Jesus to Emmaus and personal grief vignettes, this message is grounded in Benedictine monastic values that emphasize love, mutuality, hospitality, listening, prayer, humility, action, and community. This readable guide introduces a ministry of consolation, complete with facilitator skills, practices, and strategies for healing to assist readers to accompany the bereaved compassionately, leading each other to hope after loss.

Beth L. Hewett, PhD, CT, CCISM, CEOLS, is an experienced bereavement facilitator, facilitator trainer, Benedictine oblate, and author. She supports individuals and groups in coping with trauma and grief, focusing on mindful mourning and the intention of finding hope. Dr. Hewett is a Certified Thanatologist and a Certified Critical Incident Stress Management Specialist. Her work includes grief-focused articles and such books as Supporting a Grieving Workforce, Good Words: Memorializing through a Eulogy, and More Good Words: Practical Activities for Mourning. Learn more about Dr. Hewett and find information on her bereavement facilitator training and grief ministry workshops at www.goodwordsforgrieving.

ISBN: 9780814668047, 6804

Details: 344 pgs, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 7/8
Publication Date: 03/14/2023


"Grief on the Road to Emmaus taps directly into that time-tested approach to seeking God in community to give perspective to ministers of consolation, bereavement facilitators, and anyone who is called upon to accompany people grieving any significant loss;,the hurting and the traumatized, the hopeless and the rudderless."
Linda Romey, OSB, Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Pennsylvania, Contributor, Global Sisters Report

"Beth Hewett explains how core Benedictine values of love, mutuality, hospitality, listening, prayer, humility, action, and community serve as a basis for accompaniment and grief counselling. The book, which includes narratives and limpid explanation of theory as well as simple and effective personal exercises, is a wise and practical guide, which could help anyone working pastorally in roles where listening is important. Directed to the practitioner, the author writes beautifully and honestly of her own experience and self-work with bereavement. Full of insight into the experience of the valley of the shadow of darkness she shows how we can walk gently with suffering and make it a journey of faith, hope and love."
Dom David Foster, OSB, Benedictine community of St. Gregory’s, Downside Abbey

"Drawing on her years of experience as a bereavement minister and educator, Beth Hewett offers readers a gentle approach to bereavement ministry that echoes Pope Francis’s call to accompaniment. Her book is both detailed and practical. Indeed, it is a great handbook for anyone involved in this ministry."
Edward P. Herrera, Executive Director, Institute for Evangelization, Archdiocese of Baltimore

"Grief and mourning come to everyone. In that sense, grief and mourning are normal. The dominant American culture, which shows a marked aversion to pain, sadness, mourning and loss, can leave those who would offer support to these folks floundering for ways to help. Beth Hewett offers a guide for ministers of consolation, who above all offer a ministry of presence to those struggling with grief and mourning. Using a monastic framework as a platform, she offers paths forward into the liminal space that grief and mourning create, so that through embracing their pain and loss, those who mourn are not only comforted, but also can be transformed. An important guide for anyone seeking to support those facing loss, pain, sorrow, and brokenness."
The Reverend Cathy Gumpert, pastor and chaplain

"While coming from an ecumenical viewpoint, Grief on the Road to Emmaus is a valuable guide for any practitioner supporting the bereaved. This book is rich with information about expected grief, is supported by relevant theories and up-to-date research and illustrates how one can compassionately and lovingly companion those who are grieving."
Dawn Tippett, LCSW-C, CT, Clinical Grief Counselor, Gilchrist

"Grief on the Road to Emmaus is a sensitive and practical guide for providers of bereavement support. Through storytelling, knowledge, experience and self-guided activities, Hewett provides the reader with a strong understanding of the multiple aspects of grief work. Regardless of one’s level of experience in the bereavement field, there is much to be gained from Hewett’s unique perspective on how to attend to the needs of those who are grieving."
Sue Pahl, M.S.W., M. Ed., LCSW-C, President, The Workplace Trauma Center

"This book is an important contribution to the work of healing. Hewett's application of the wisdom of St. Benedict is an inspiration."
The Downside Review

"In this book on the journey through grief Hewett interweaves her considerable skills and experience as a bereavement facilitator with the spiritual traditions she has gleaned as a Benedictine oblate. Personal reflections, prayers, and strategies enhance the book's content, making it a ready resource especially for pastors and those who are ministers of care."
The Bible Today

"Combining her skills as a bereavement facilitator with her formation as a Benedictine oblate, Beth Hewett expands the literature on grief work by exploring how the core values of the monastic way of life can help men and women confront death and journey onward with hope. Not only is this a valuable resource for professional ministers of care, who regularly encounter those who are in mourning, but it provides a much needed Christian perspective for all the baptized on how to travel gracefully through this valley of tears."
Catholic Books Review

"In Grief on the Road to Emmaus, Hewett invites us to be hospitable, loving, and strong enough to look into our own heart, so that in journeying through our own losses we can learn how to be present to others facing their own bereavement."