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Where Two or Three are Gathered—Year A

CD Music from Psallite

The Collegeville Composers Group

Where Two or Three are Gathered—Year A
Where Two or Three are Gathered—Year A

ISBN: 9780814679654, 7965

Publication Date: 07/01/2007

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This collection contains 25 of the titles from Psallite composed for Liturgical Year A. Accompaniments and reprintable antiphon graphics for the assembly are included in the Accompaniment Book. This inspiring collection is also ideal for personal listening.

Collections of selected titles from Year B and Year C are also available.

Where Two or Three Are Gathered includes:
  • Now is the Hour
  • Be Patient, Beloved
  • Let the King of Glory Come In
  • Jesus, Mighty Lord, Come Save Us
  • Clothed in Christ, One in Christ
  • Give Us Living Water
  • Give Thanks to the Lord, Alleluia
  • At Your Word Our Hearts Are Burning
  • I Am the Way: Follow Me
  • Here I Am
  • Light of the World
  • In God Alone Is My Soul at Rest
  • Keep These Words in Your Heart and Soul
  • Love Is My Desire
  • The Mercy of God Is for All
  • Everlasting Is Your Love
  • All Things Are from the Lord
  • Where Two or Three Are Gathered
  • Lord, You Are Close
  • Remember, Lord
  • All That Is True
  • I Shall Dwell in the House of the Lord
  • The Word of God at Work in Us
  • Come, All You Good and Faithful Servants
  • A River Flows

The Collegeville Composers Group includes Carol Browning, Catherine Christmas, Cyprian Consiglio, OSB Cam, Paul F. Ford, PhD,
and Paul Inwood.

Also available for download on Amazon and iTunes.

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Musically, the styles are many and varied: there will be something that appeals to everyone . . . Having used the previous sampler extensively, I am happy that the songs work, drawing people into song whilst processing, providing a spiritual moment in particular during the Communion procession through the repetitive nature of the music and the scriptural texts.
Music and Liturgy

[N]o matter what your parish's musical resources, you can celebrate with these songs. . . . I love the musicality of these works and applaud the systematic effort they represent. . . . you must acknowledge the significant contribution these composers are making through their careful consideration of the use of music in the liturgy, their successful attempt to the place the voice in a position of musical prominence, and their commitment to the singing of psalms as the primary prayer language of the liturgical assembly.
Pastoral Music