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Women, Wisdom, and Witness

Engaging contexts in Conversation
Edited by Rosemary P. Carbine and Kathleen Dolphin

ISBN: 9780814680643, 8064
Details: 320 pgs, 6X9
Publication Date: 10/01/2012


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The New Voices Seminar is a lively, intergenerational, and diverse group of women scholars who take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Christianity. Under the leadership of Kathleen Dolphin, the seminar gathers annually at Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, for collegial and collaborative conversation about women in the church and in the world. With Women, Wisdom, and Witness, readers are invited to join their conversation.

This collection of essays by seminar members addresses significant contexts of contemporary women's experience: suffering and resistance, education, and the crossroads of religion and public life. Theology is brought to bear on some pressing issues in our time: poverty, sexual norms, trauma and slavery, health care, immigration, and the roles of women in academia and in the church. Readers will discover the rich socio-political, interdisciplinary, and dialogical implications of Catholic women's intellectual and social praxis in contemporary theology and ethics.

Rosemary P. Carbine is the visiting assistant professor of religious studies at Whittier College. She has contributed book chapters to critically acclaimed anthologies, such as Monika K. Hellwig: The People's Theologian (Liturgical Press, 2010), Frontiers in Catholic Feminist Theology (Fortress Press, 2009), and Prophetic Witness: Catholic Women's Strategies of Reform (Crossroad, 2009).

Kathleen Dolphin is a member of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the director of the Center for Spirituality at Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana, where she also teaches in the religious studies department.

The book engages in issues at the forefront of contemporary women's experience, and does so in a practical and rational way, combining both theology and ethics. It approaches these issues in a disciplinary manner, while giving voice to a diverse group of women scholars. The anthology is, therefore, a valuable resource for theological libraries, scholars, teachers and student. It should prove to be useful for readers interested in any of the individual areas it treats, as well as for required reading in feminist theology courses.
Ella Johnson, St Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry

This impressive volume offers a compelling mix of top-notch scholarship, theological innovation, ethical consternation, and dialogical conversation, as scholars of the New Voices Seminar . . . invite the reader to join their discussion. . . . Written by thinkers at the cutting edge, the volume offers engaging reading for anyone interested in contemporary currents in the Catholic Church. . . . By the end of the volume, readers will want to be part of the conversation and now know to whom to turn (that is, any one of these stellar scholars) to continue the investigation and conversation on Catholic women's writing and practices.
Jeannine Hill Fletcher, Fordham University, American Catholic Studies

These essays are scholarly yet also experientially grounded in each writer's own context, thus strengthening the conversation. They speak truth to power and are in themselves a challenging and, at the same time, hope-filled read.
Diana L. Hayes, Professor Emerita, Georgetown University, Author of Forged in the Fiery Furnace: African American Spirituality

Just when you thought that the voices of Catholic women were being muffled (or even silenced), Women, Wisdom and Witness appears. Hope lives. The authors are new voices, on the cutting edge of theology, while cognizant of those who have come before. This is an extraordinary book, coming at a moment in the life of the church, when many are despairing of the possibility of dialogue. Women, Wisdom and Witness models the way we can dialogue about important questions, not only in the substantive essays on topics that affect contemporary women and men, but in the way the authors actually dialogue with one another. Pope Paul VI wrote that dialogue will make us wise. Here's a living example.
Dolores Leckey, Senior Fellow Emerita, Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University