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Creation Is Groaning

Biblical and Theological Perspectives
Edited by Mary L. Coloe, PBVM

ISBN: 9780814680650, 8065
Details: 144 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 09/01/2013


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If, as some scholars attest, Christianity has been complicit in the destruction of the environment, then Christianity can and must also have a role in changing human behavior in a way that helps to solve this massive problem. In Creation Is Groaning, a set of highly regarded theologians and Scripture scholars offer a theology and spirituality of creation based on principles of eco-justice and environmental responsibility.

Contributors to this volume are Denis Edwards, Antoinette Collins, Dermot Nestor, Laurie Woods, Mary Coloe, and Anthony Kelly. Key elements of their project include:

  • tracing the development of Israel's view of creation through different historical situations and key writings, with a particular focus on what ethical responsibilities toward creation emerge from its theology
  • examining Israel's theology of "Sabbath" and its developing understanding of the end time, thus encompassing creation in its origins and its final destiny
  • considering the cosmic impact of the Jesus event as Paul and John understood it

Together, the authors establish a firm foundation for a new ethic that promotes the flourishing of all planetary life and a just global community.

Together, the authors establish a firm foundation for a new ethic that promotes the flourishing of all planetary life and a just global community.

Appealing to ancient and contemporary poets and writers, complemented by the insights of theologians and biblical scholars, Creation Is Groaning captures the wonder, beauty, and suffering of creation and invites readers to enter deeply into the heart of God, the heart of Christ, and the heart of the entire cosmos. The theological, Christological, biblical, ethical, and ecological links made throughout this edited volume create a rich tapestry of thought that challenges basic assumptions and definitions while opening doors to new ways of seeing and living life in a sacred universe.
Carol J. Dempsey, OP, University of Portland, Oregon

This volume . . . comprising essays by six significant Australian scholars, is a subtle critique and advancement on previous ecotheological projects, specifically on the approaches promoted by . . . the Earth Bible project, headed by Norm Habel, and a project led by David Horrell that is hosted by the University of Exeter. . . . The essays in this volume represent a step beyond the previous projects in ecotheology. The authors do not rely on a common list of carefully articulated guiding principles, as do the Earth Bible project and Horrell's hermeneutics projects. Because of this, the essays in this volume represent a more organic reflection on Scripture.
Andrew J. Spencer, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Book of the Month for The Expository Times

Each new age interprets its religious tradition through lenses that are central to that age. Ecosensitivity is a prominent lens for our age. Within the recent past, various hermeneutical approaches attentive to this lens have developed. This collection of essays produced by six prominent Australian theologians partner ecosensitivity with the theological themes of incarnation and promise. The end product of such creative rethinking is a set of essays that offer new insights into the inherited religious tradition and new challenges for living in the contemporary world.
Dianne Bergant, CSA
Professor of Old Testament Studies
Catholic Theological Union
Chicago, Illinois