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A significant milestone in
the history of feminism and
the study of Scripture.


Wisdom Commentary: Mark

Warren Carter

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ISBN: 9780814681664, 8166
Details: 584 pgs, 6 x 9 x 1 3/4
Publication Date: 10/31/2019


Hardcover with Dust Jacket
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The Academy of Parish Clergy 2020 Reference Book of the Year

2020 Association of Catholic Publishers first place award in Scripture

2020 Catholic Press Association third place award for best new religious book series

This reading of Mark's Gospel engages this ancient text from the perspective of contemporary feminist concerns to expose and resist all forms of domination that prevent the full flourishing of all humans and all creation. Accordingly, it foregrounds the Gospel's constructions of gender in intersectionality with the visions, structures, practices, and personnel of Roman imperial power. This reading embraces a rich tradition of feminist scholarship on the Gospel, as well as masculinity studies, particularly pervasive hegemonic masculinity. Its politically engaged discussion of Mark's Gospel provides a resource for clergy, students, and laity concerned with contemporary constructions of gender, power, and a world in which all might experience fullness of life.

Warren Carter is the LaDonna Kramer Meinders Professor of New Testament at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the author of eighteen books and is a regular presenter at scholarly conferences and in church contexts.

"Warren Carter's Wisdom commentary on Mark is a worthy complement to other important interpretations. It is deep, technical, and yet not inaccessible for the non–specialist. It opens our eyes to questions that are often left unexamined. It is also a reminder that white men (including me) can be allies to women scholars, but we can even be feminist in our perspectives when it comes to Scripture."
Ponderings on a Faith Journey

"Carter's thoughtful and nuanced interpretation of the Gospel of Mark is a welcome addition to the distinctive Wisdom Commentary series. Reading the Gospel alongside recent insights from both masculinity studies and feminist scholarship, Carter ensures a fresh consideration at this ancient text. The reader will profit from the author's deep expertise on life under Roman imperial rule combined with his sensitive intersectional analysis of the Gospel."
Colleen M. Conway, Professor of Religious Studies, Seton Hall University

“Not intended simply as a ‘reading book, it is for the serious student of Scripture. As a reference it must surely stand among the classics of biblical scholarship. Everyone approaches the biblical text with personal history, opinions, and prejudices, and every reader will have quibbles with aspects of this interpretation. But there are valuable and much-needed riches to be found in these pages and in the abundant references therein.”
Catholic Library World

"Carter focuses especially on what he terms `hegemonic masculinity,' which involves a systematic assertion of masculine domination. True to his stated purpose, Carter works his way through the entire gospel, demonstrating how attention to the biblical text's assumptions about gender and power relations can reveal latent meaning within the text and its significance for our circumstances. This commentary, therefore, is at heart the demonstration of an important and emerging method."
The Bible Today

"This Mark commentary fits well in the purpose of the series. It shows the author's familiarity with feminist biblical scholarship, offers a good balance between surveying previous scholarship and trying to contribute to the discussion, and tries to find a middle way in sorting out the various options there are for interpreting a particular passage."
Louvain Studies