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Systematic Theology

A Roman Catholic Approach

Thomas P. Rausch

Systematic Theology SEE INSIDE
Systematic Theology

ISBN: 9780814683200, 8320

Details: 322 pgs, 6 X 9
Publication Date: 03/24/2016
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Systematic theology seeks to understand and render more intelligible the central doctrines of faith and to show how they are related to each other. It tries to demonstrate how these doctrines are rooted in Scripture and develop in the history of the church; most important, it strives to more adequately express and sometimes reinterpret the church's doctrinal tradition, always in the interest of better communicating the mystery of salvation and bringing it into a dialogue with culture. The present text is intended to be concise and accessible, an introduction that explores basic themes in Catholic systematic theology from a biblical, historical, and contemporary perspective, always aware of today's theological pluralism.

Thomas P. Rausch, SJ, is the T. Marie Chilton Professor of Catholic Theology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. A specialist in ecclesiology, he has published twenty books and numerous articles and has long been active in ecumenism. He co-chairs the Los Angeles Catholic/Evangelical Committee and the Theological Commission for the Archdiocese. From 2010 to 2014 he was a consultor to Jesuit Superior General Father Adolfo Nicholás for ecumenical affairs.

ISBN: 9780814683200, 8320

Details: 322 pgs, 6 X 9
Publication Date: 03/24/2016


"Rausch writes clearly and with precision. This book is a goldmine of resources on a Roman Catholic, but clearly ecumenical, approach to systematic theology."
Theological Studies

"A crisp and concise exploration of systematic theology and it's various subjects and authors. Clergy might find it a useful read to update them on current trends in theology. Students in theology course will find it useful and parish groups would find a lot to merit its inclusion in a theological book club or study group."
Irish Theological Quarterly

"An excellent overview of Roman Catholic systematic theology. There is no corresponding handbook of this size and actuality in English. Hence, Rausch's book is very welcome. Given the limited space, in reality Rausch offer an almost encyclopedic summary of contemporary systematic theology. Altogether, Systematic Theology is a readable, well-informed and constructive contribution, a textbook that fills a gap in English language Catholic theology."
Theologische Revue

"Thomas Rausch is a masterful teacher. With this book he offers a clear, well-informed introduction to contemporary Catholic systematic theology. Rausch insightfully maps its key areas, major figures, and frontier issues."
Robert P. Imbelli, Associate Professor of Theology Emeritus, Boston College, Author of Rekindling the Christic Imagination

"In the same clear and careful way that Richard McBrien helped Catholics of the 1980s understand the richness of their doctrinal tradition, Tom Rausch offers in this volume a way for Catholics to navigate that same tradition in this second decade of the twenty-first century. Rausch pays close attention, however, not only to the tradition's content but also to its context of postmodernity, cultural diversity, gender awareness, and sensitivity to sexual orientation. Although sometimes controversial, Rausch is always thorough and fair. This will be a helpful book for students and teachers alike."
Stephen Bevans, SVD; Louis J. Luzbetak, SVD, Professor of Mission and Culture, Emeritus; Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

"Thomas P. Rausch, one of American Catholicism's finest writers, provides a solid introduction to the study of systematic theology, one that is attentive to its complex historical evolutions and contemporary face, while taking seriously its faith-filled, ecclesial, and contextual character. Educators and students alike will welcome his balanced presentation of the plurality of contemporary systematic theologies that carry forward the pastoral effort of mediating the meaning of a life in communion-with the Christian God, with other human persons in the church and society, and with the whole of creation-to the women and men of our time."
Catherine E. Clifford, Saint Paul University, Ottawa

"Rausch has produced a first-rate introduction to Catholic systematic theology. This book provides a cogent and up-to-date summary of the conversation in every major branch of systematic theology while also explaining the methods, biblical bases, historical development, and ecumenical perspectives that inform the debates. Rausch's writing is clear and engaging, making this text an excellent book for undergraduates. At the same time, it provides substantive contributions useful to advanced scholars. This book should be the top choice for anyone who wants to get the `lay of the land' in contemporary Catholic theology."
Mary Doak, Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies, University of San Diego

"Covering every major topic in Catholic theology with his signature accessibility and insight, this treatment of systematic theology is Thomas Rausch's chef d'oeuvre. Students and teachers looking for a reliable overview of historical and contemporary approaches to theology will find no single volume better than this."
Michael Downey, editor of The New Dictionary of Catholic Spirituality

"Informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, descriptively explanatory and instructively illuminating. . . . Highly recommended for clergy, seminary, and academic library Christian studies collections."
James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

"He writes for those who need both a horizon tour of systematics and a first glance at those writers who have addressed themselves to the main themes in systematic theology. I could see this book to be a serviceable handbook for those beginning theological studies at the level of the master's degree. Along with the helpful reading suggestions at the end of each chapter, the book has a quite thorough index of names and topics."
Lawrence S. Cunningham, University of Notre Dame, Worship

"In this very readable text, Father Tom Rausch succeeds in offering a clear and balanced treatment of this complex and challenging material."
Catholic Library World

"A quite satisfying introduction to the contemporary Roman Catholic systematic theological landscape. Its conciseness and accessible style alone would make it an ideal textbook for an introductory class to theology."
Louvain Studies