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The Doctor of Mercy

The Sacred Treasures of St. Gregory of Narek
Michael Papazian

ISBN: 9780814685013, 8501
Details: 278 pgs, 6 x 9 x 7/8
Publication Date: 10/31/2019


Hardcover with Dust Jacket
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2020 Catholic Press Association second place award in theology--history of theology, church fathers and mothers

In April 2015, Pope Francis named the Armenian poet and theologian St. Gregory of Narek (c. 945-1003) a Doctor of the Church. Though venerated for centuries by Catholic and Orthodox Armenians, Gregory is an obscure figure virtually unknown to the rest of the Church. Adding to the extraordinary nature of the pope's declaration, Gregory has the distinction of being the only Catholic Doctor who lived his entire life outside the visible communion of the Catholic Church. The Doctor of Mercy aims to provide an accessible introduction to Gregory's literary works, theology, and spirituality, as well as to make the case for the contemporary relevance of his writings to the problems that face the Church and the world today.

Michael Papazian is professor of philosophy at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. After completing his philosophy doctorate at the University of Virginia, he studied classical Armenian at Oxford University. He publishes on ancient Greek philosophy and medieval Armenian theology, most recently a book-length translation of an eighth-century Armenian commentary on the Gospels, Step'anos Siwnets'i: Commentary on the Four Evangelists (SIS Publications, 2014).

"This is an important book which makes a real contribution to the field of Church history and historical theology, with a depth of research enough for scholars but very accessible so that anyone can read it. I found the book very satisfying and enlightening. Well worth the time of anyone interested in the history of doctrine and spirituality, but the book also demonstrates why the study of Gregory is relevant and worthwhile in our time. I especially appreciated the way the author connects Christological implications to artistic depictions of Christ, demonstrating that all art teaches something about its subject."
Jim L. Papandrea, Professor of Church History and Historical Theology, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

"In our own hour of fear and doubt about the endurance of societies, civilization and the planet, The Doctor of Mercy is a treasure chest well worth opening."
Catholic Books Review

"In The Doctor of Mercy, Papazian makes a distinctive contribution by providing the most comprehensive introduction to St. Gregory of Narek, a medieval mystic who experienced and expressed a reality not easily comprehended. The book touches upon everything conceivable about the Saint and his works and does so in an appealingly clear fashion. Papazian acts as a guide who takes the reader on a tour to meet the Saint in his time and place, explaining all along the things encountered on the way and those to be expected upon arrival. Then comes the embrace."
Abraham Terian, Emeritus Professor of Armenian Theology and Patristics, St. Nersess Armenian Seminary