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The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century

Video (DVD)

The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century
The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century

ISBN: 9780814690598, 9059

Details: Run Time: 49 minutes
Publication Date: 05/01/2005
The Saint John's Bible

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The longtime scribe to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Crown office used age-old calligraphic techniques to create a modern manuscript: egg yolks, gold, silver, and platinum in the illuminations; goose quills and hand-ground ink on carefully selected calf-skin vellum for the text. Experience for yourself the story of the most extensive scribal commission in the world since the end of the Middle Ages, a story that has not happened for a long time and probably will never happen again.

Copyright 2005. A 3BM Television Production for BBC Wales and Saint John’s University with support from Target Corporation.


The Saint John's Bible is fascinating to see in coffee table reproductions, intriguing to watch in production as on this DVD, and must be utterly inspiring to behold in person. This is as close as we can get today to looking over the shoulder of a monk in a medieval scriptorium. If the pages of The Saint John's Bible are on tour in a city near you, plan to go. In the meantime, inspire the Christian and the artist within with The Illuminator on DVD.
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