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Seeing the Word: Creation

Volume I

Pack of 10

Seeing the Word: Creation
Seeing the Word: Creation

ISBN: 9780814691649, 9164

Details: 4 pgs, 8 1/2 x 11
Publication Date: 02/01/2011
The Saint John's Bible

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Participants are called in Creation to consider the impact of God's creation of the world. The powerful image of God as Creator is joined with reflection on the continuing presence of God in the day-to-day life of humanity.

Many who have seen The Saint John's Bible firsthand are left with the desire to share their spiritual experience with friends, family, and members of their faith community. To create that opportunity, Saint John's School of Theology•Seminary and Liturgical Press are pleased to offer Seeing the Word. This new program seeks to ignite imaginations of all ages and help deepen the faith of Christians through reflection on Sacred Scripture in both the written form and the powerful imagery of The Saint John's Bible.

Designed for small groups led by a designated facilitator, Seeing the Word offers reflection guides that focus on the illuminated Word. Each full-color guide includes a beautiful illumination from The Saint John's Bible along with corresponding Scripture text, exegesis, and artistic commentary. These pieces also lay out the spiritual prayer process of lectio divina and provide a space for individuals to journal their personal thoughts and reflections along the way.

Seeing the Word is perfect for use in the following settings:
• To begin a parish meeting
• For use by catechumens and candidates preparing for Christian initiation
• To form a community of prayer grounded in lectio divina
• Preparing for the Sunday worship through liturgical catechesis
• Adult faith formation and retreats
• Ecumenical Bible study groups
• Prayer starters for youth
• Catechist formation

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