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Liturgical Press

Catholicism and Citizenship

Political Cultures of the Church in the Twenty-First Century

Massimo Faggioli

Catholicism and Citizenship
Catholicism and Citizenship

ISBN: B8423

Details: 188 pgs, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Publication Date: 04/07/2017

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The beginning of the twenty-first century has provided abundant evidence of the necessity to reexamine the relationship between Catholicism and the modern, global world. This book tries to proceed on this path with a focus on the meaning, legacy, and reception in today's world of the ecclesiology of Vatican II, starting with Gaudium et Spes: "This council exhorts Christians, as citizens of two cities, to strive to discharge their earthly duties conscientiously and in response to the Gospel spirit." Catholicism and Citizenship is a call for a rediscovery of the moral and political imagination of Vatican II for the Church and the world of our time.

Massimo Faggioli is professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University and a contributing editor for Commonweal. Among his books with Liturgical Press are True Reform: Liturgy and Ecclesiology in Sacrosanctum Concilium (2012); Pope John XXIII: The Medicine of Mercy (2014); and Sorting Out Catholicism: A Brief History of the New Ecclesial Movements (2014).


"In Catholicism and Citizenship, an accomplished historian of the Vatican II Church situates the novelty of Pope Francis's orientation—and the resistance it has provoked—on the complex, changing, and disturbing terrain of global politics and `the crisis of the nation state.' Francis envisions the Church as an engaged member of world society—missionary and prophetic, yet nonideological and inclusive. To those dismayed by public vitriol, worried about international politics, or doubtful that the Church can change the world, this book will bring new breadth of insight and encouraging seeds of hope."
Lisa Sowle Cahill, Boston College

"Faggioli is the most articulate interpreter of American Catholicism today. Catholicism and Citizenship is an instructive and sobering call to action."
Christian Century

"Faggioli has given us a very thoughtful short volume that would provide an excellent text for university and theological school courses and selective parish adult discussion groups. I find his volume a gem."
Catholic Library World

"The work conducted here is extraordinarily well informed and worthy of thorough engagement in the discussions surrounding Catholicism and public theology."
International Journal of Public Theology

"Faggioli's volume is a must read both for its layout of Vatican II's political ecclesiology and the effort to make it integral for contemporary Catholic consciousness, as well as for its further bibliographical suggestions."
New Theology Review

"Massimo Faggioli is in the first rank of theologians to come of age since the Second Vatican Council and to study both the Council and the post-conciliar era. In this book he sets out from Gaudium et Spes, the Council's document on the church in the modern world, to spur Catholic ecclesiology toward a new engagement with a globalizing world in political crisis, an engagement in line with Pope Francis's vision of a missionary church of mercy. Catholicism and Citizenship displays the author's usual skill at analyzing conciliar and later documents and providing their historical context. He brings to this task a unique perspective and familiarity not only with Italian but European experience and theology. Sparks of insight and information fly from every chapter."
Peter Steinfels, Professor Emeritus, Fordham University, Former co-director of the Fordham Center on Religion and Culture

"With this book, Massimo Faggioli cements his reputation as his generation's premier interpreter of the relationship between American Catholics and the Church in Rome. He is incisive, insightful, and unfailingly constructive in his observations."
Cathleen Kaveny, Libby Professor of Law and Theology, Boston College

"Catholicism and Citizenship is excellent historiography, a synthetic scholarly survey of historians' findings and theologians' insights. All readers will find in its voluminous notes other books they would like to read; doctoral students will discover dozens of dissertation topics to explore; and scholars, arguments to pursue. General readers will meet provocative, new perspectives on the history and reality of the church in our time. All in all, a genuinely rich read."