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In the School of Love

An Anthology of Early Cistercian Texts

Edited by Edith Scholl OCSO; Introduction by M. Basil Pennington OCSO

In the School of Love
In the School of Love

ISBN: 9780879075644, CF064P

Details: 180 pgs, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Publication Date: 10/01/2000
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Lectio is a meeting with God in and through his word. As in any intimate meeting, far more is communicated than the literal meaning of the words. God uses stories and images to invite us to be aware of our feelings in lectio. In this meeting with God in his word, even though there is no question of body language complementing the spoken word, God is using human communication and intends to use it to the fullest.

We know that the Words of Revelation, cast in a rich mythopoetic mode, are meant to convey far more than their literal and historical meaning The Fathers and Mothers, not with the logic of schools but in the tradition of the Fathers of the Church, open these dimensions to us and invite us to enter in and discover so much more than information. Where the mind leaves off, the heart goes yet further. The Cistercian Fathers and Mothers invite us into a 'School of Love', into the domain where the heart knows what the mind can never grasp.