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The Spirit in Worship-Worship in the Spirit

Edited by Teresa Berger and Bryan D. Spinks

The Spirit in Worship-Worship in the Spirit
The Spirit in Worship-Worship in the Spirit

eISBN: 9780814662342, E6234

Details: 336 pgs,
Publication Date: 12/01/2009
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The Spirit in Worship’Worship in the Spirit represents an essential contribution, from the field of liturgical studies, to the vibrant retrieval of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit in contemporary theology. The fifteen authors of this volume are scholars and practitioners from a wide range of traditions, including Pentecostal and charismatic communities as well as voices from outside the modern West. Together they articulate a richly diverse understanding of the presence of the Holy Spirit, grounded both in the practice of worship and in the scholarly reflection that attends to this practice of faith.

Contributors include:
  • N. T. Wright, Bishop of Durham, U.K.
  • Paul F. Bradshaw, University of Notre Dame
  • Teresa Berger, Yale University
  • Maxwell E. Johnson, University of Notre Dame

Teresa Berger is professor of liturgical studies at Yale's Institute of Sacred Music and at Yale Divinity School. She holds doctorates in both dogmatic theology and liturgical studies. Her recent books include Women's Ways of Worship (1999), and Fragments of Real Presence (2005). She is also coproducer, of the interactive CD-ROM Ocean Psalms.

Bryan D. Spinks, DD (Dunelm,UK), is Goddard Professor of Liturgical Studies and Pastoral Theology at Yale Divinity School. He is the author of numerous books and articles, and is coeditor of the Scottish Journal of Theology. Spinks is a former consultant to the Church of England Liturgical Commission, president emeritus of the Church Service Society of the Church of Scotland, and a fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

eISBN: 9780814662342, E6234

Details: 336 pgs,
Publication Date: 12/01/2009


Teresa Berger does an admirable job of evoking the presence of the Spirit in Catholic liturgy, even as she admits that the evidence is often elusive, needing to be discerned not only in texts but in ritual actions as well. Her introduction, written with Bryan Spinks, situates this entire enterprise in a theological and ecumenical context. The goal of the Yale conference, and thus of the book, was to bring new partners into theological and ritual conversation. The result is a resounding success.

The collection of essays assembled here speaks to the conviction that worship is not only the `work of the people' but also the `work of the Spirit.' In general, little attention has been given by theologians and liturgical scholars to the discussion of the Spirit's role and presence in worship, and this volume contributes significantly to filling that lacuna. The perspectives explored in these essays-Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Pentecostal/charismatic, and Jewish-provide both depth and breadth to the topic while revealing the distinctive lenses by which the activity of the Spirit is discerned in the assembly of the faithful and in the world. This book is an essential resource for the reader interested in pneumatology, liturgy, and ecumenical/interfaith dialogue.
Karen B. Westerfield Tucker, Boston University

I have always thought that the most interesting dinner parties were those with a splendid diversity of guests. The same can be said of this collection with its mixture of contributors. Indeed, perhaps the range of expertise and churches found within is itself a sign of the breadth-and wildness-of the Holy Spirit's work today. Open these covers and discover a feast of insight.
Lester Ruth, Lily May Jarvis Professor of Christian Worship, Asbury Theological Seminary

Paucity of attention to the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian West has long been the subject of lament. This splendid collection of essays certainly fills a gap in the English language treatment of the Holy Spirit in Christian worship. Of particular value is the range of authors from Eastern Christianity to the Western `liturgical' churches (Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran) to classic Pentecostalism and even the emerging spirit-filled movements in Africa. This book provides a road map both through contemporary theology of the Holy Spirit and a guide to the varied roles that the Spirit plays in historical and contemporary liturgies-not only in the Eucharist and Christian Initiation but also in the celebration of the Word of God. I plan to use a number of these excellent essays in my teaching.
John F. Baldovin, SJ, Professor of Historical & Liturgical Theology, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry