For almost 90 years, pastors, involved and informed laypersons, and scholars of the liturgy have met in the pages of Worship. Worship explores the history, theology and practice of different aspects of the source and summit of our Christian life, the liturgy, all in an ecumenical environment of mutual respect. You can look forward to articles written by some of the world's foremost liturgical scholars and practitioners who will inform you, and give you something new to ponder.

Worship consistently delivers the best analysis, review and in-depth commentary on a wide range of topics in the liturgy and related church issues.

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Regular Features found in Worship

Respected liturgical scholars will help you wrestle with liturgical issues, and provide you with background, history, and context that will provide you, your students, your diocese or your local committees with solid liturgical resources.

The Amen Corner
Before Vatican II, readers enjoyed H.A. Reinhold's trenchant and challenging "Timely Tracts" (1938-1954). After the Council the Amen Corner took its place, authored first by Robert Hovda, then by Nathan Mitchell, and most recently by a group of authors.

Not sure which book to buy? Or read first? Count on excellent scholars to regularly review books and provide critical analysis of the content and treatment of the topic.