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The Promise of Obedience

The Promise of Obedience

A Ritual History
Leon Strieder

ISBN: 9780814660164, 6016
Details: 168 pgs , 6 x 9
Publication Date: 10/01/2001


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Obedience is an intrinsic part of the nature of the ministerial structure of the Church. Apostles were sent, bishops were chosen, presbyters were called, and deacons were needed, all because obedience to the will of God determined these ministers were essential for the work of the Church.

In The Promise of Obedience, Father Leon Strieder provides the only study available to date of the history and theology of both the Promise of Obedience and the modern issues which play a major role in the Church between religious and bishops, and bishops and the pope. Strieder also connects the theological issues of promises of obedience with their historical development in ordination rituals and religious vows.

Chapter one is a historical introduction which traces the origin and development of the Promise of Obedience and its ritual connection with the bestowal of the pallium. Chapter two details the development of the Promise of Obedience in ordination rites in the pontificals up through Trent. Using the principles of the comparative method of textual analysis, Strieder follows the development of the promises of obedience in ordination rites and explores the rationale for each change. Chapter three is a study of the relationship between promises of obedience in ordination rites and those in monastic/mendicant rites of profession and the blessing of abbots. Chapter four considers the developments of Vatican II concerning promises of obedience in ordination rites. Chapter five studies the revisions of the 1990 second typical edition of the ordination rites. Chapter six examines the Eastern Rites and Eastern Catholic Churches to recognize their importance in any further development in the ecclesial understanding of ordained ministry for the entire Catholic Church.

Chapters are "Roman Beginnings and the Pallium," “Ordination Rites and Roman Pontificals,” “Monastic and Mendicant Rites,” “The Second Vatican Council,” “The Revisions of 1990,” “Eastern Rites and Eastern Catholic Churches,” “Conclusions.”

Leon Strieder, PhD, is vice-rector of St. Mary's Seminary and adjunct professor of liturgy and sacraments at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas.

Fr. Strieder has cast valuable light on a neglected subject, and provided us with a thought-provoking book.
The Furrow