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Beyond Dogmatism and Innocence

Hermeneutics, Critique, and Catholic Theology

Edited by Bradford E. Hinze and Anthony J. Godzieba

Beyond Dogmatism and Innocence
Beyond Dogmatism and Innocence

ISBN: B8415

Details: 302 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 03/02/2017

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Behind every important development in Catholic doctrine and practice since the beginning of the modern period have been debates about the interpretation of Christianity's classic texts and traditions and their ideological and practical implications.

Over the past century there have been breakthroughs in retrieving the origins of beliefs and practices, recovering the rich, myriad, and multifaceted literary forms, and recognizing the ways these venerable traditions have been received, applied, and negotiated in the lives of reading audiences with their contrasting worldviews.

The essays in this volume by leading figures in Catholic theology suggest what might be called a "third naïveté" that blends deeply contextual interpretations with a critical theological analysis of the roles of power and grace in church and society.

The abilities and skills to grapple with basic issues in hermeneutics and critical theory remain necessary and fundamental for Catholic theology. At stake is nothing less than how the good news of God's salvation can be grasped and lived today. This volume provides a trustworthy map and compass for negotiating these debates and options.

Contributors include: Sandra M. Schneiders, Francis Schüssler Fiorenza, Robert J. Schreiter, John E. Thiel, Dominic Doyle, Fernando F. Segovia, Andrew Prevot, Ormond Rush, Judith Gruber, Susan Abraham, Anthony J. Godzieba, and Bradford E. Hinze.

Bradford E. Hinze is the Karl Rahner, SJ, Professor of Theology at Fordham University. Hinze earned his doctoral degree from the University of Chicago and is currently the president of the Catholic Theological Society of America.

Anthony J. Godzieba is professor of theology at Villanova University. Godzieba earned his doctoral degree from The Catholic University of America and is the editor emeritus of Horizons: The Journal of the College Theology Society.


"This exciting collection of essays demonstrates the great vitality of a hermeneutically conscious, critical, and self-critical Catholic theology and its rich resources for inspiring renewal and transformation in both church and society."
Werner G. Jeanrond, University of Oxford

"For anyone seeking an overview of the current state of Catholic theological reflection from the perspective of hermeneutics and critical theory, this volume would be an excellent place to start."
John V. Apczynski, Reading Religion

"All in all, the essayists provide readers with thoughtful methodological considerations that not only challenge them but also encourage them to see how wide and deep is the Catholic tradition, faith, and purpose. The book is appropriate for graduate studies."
Kathleen Borres, Catholic Books Review

"`Third naïveté' is the red thread woven throughout this strong collection of contributions to the next step in theological hermeneutics. Informed by an intense dialogue with continental philosophy and critical theory, the authors make a strong appeal for a new kind of critical consciousness needed to recontextualize the best of our theological tradition for today. Beyond Dogmatism and Innocence calls for combining the creative interpretative power of imagination of Paul Ricoeur's second naïveté with a less naïve awareness of the `disturbances and dislocations that saturate contemporary culture.' A must-read for all involved in the renewal of theology and Church."
Dr. Lieven Boeve, University of Leuven, Belgium